First of all thanks for coming today. I have called this meeting to discuss our plans going forward for the next twelve months. We have done a lot of background work now I want to workshop our ideas.

John, have you got any contribution to make?
Thanks for that John. I can see that you are really thinking outside the box with that one but we do need to understand that this is not a level playing field and we shouldn’t really be trying to boil the ocean with our ideas. Jasmine, what do you think?
I like that Jasmine. It’s true that content is king and I agree with you it is far better to fail forward.  Right it’s time to shift the dial. Jason, what are your thoughts?
Nice one Jase, I totally agree with you. A bit of growth hacking would be brilliant. I agree. Let’s run it passed your sales team. I may have a window for you one day next week.

That was great lads – let’s go socialise this. The drinks are on me.

If you need help identifying and understanding the ten most irritating examples of ‘marketing speak’ to emerge in 2015 – see the translation below.

Growth hacking:  a marketing technique developed by technology start-ups that use ‘creativity’ to sell product.
Fail forward: a phrase coined to describe the ethos of learning from failure.
Let’s socialise this:  talking – alternatives include: let’s touch base or let’s cascade this.
Shift the dial: make progress.
Let’s workshop this: talk.
Level playing field:  a more established expression taken to mean playing by the same set of rules.
Let’s not boil the ocean:  is a way of suggesting something is too ambitious or complicated.
Content is king:  content.
I may have a window for you: I may have a small gap in my amazingly busy diary for you.
Think outside the box:  be unconventional.