The Cafe at Hotel Cafe Royal, which opens next month in central London, is changing the traditional dinner of a starter followed by a main course. Instead diners will be offered several courses of sweet treats — each of which has a wine pairing.

Cafe at Hotel Cafe Royal will offer three dessert tasting menus in the evening.

These include the five-course ‘Sarah in Wonderland’ menu; the three-course ‘Childhood Memories’ menu and the ‘Pick N Mix’ menu which allows guests to choose four dishes from across the menu.

The dishes have been designed by executive pastry chef Sarah Barber, the first female pastry chef in the hotel’s 151-year history.

“There is a massive gap in the market here in London for any decent places to get dessert. In many top restaurants, dessert is an afterthought — it is never the reason that you go there.  Here, cake is at the forefront — and all of the dishes are light so you can eat more of them.” said Sarah.

The dessert menus will be available from 3rd March.

Hotel Cafe Royal is located in Regent Street in the heart of London’s West End.