A good night's sleep before an important presentation, moving from the ballroom to breakouts without losing time. It’s all part of a huge list of considerations in a hotel designer’s brief.

What does the designer need to bear in mind to create the ideal meeting and events space?

Dana Kalczak, Vice-President Design at Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts takes us behind the scene as she reimagines the ‘Guest Experience’.

How does she create the ideal attendee experience through thoughtful guest room, function space and restaurant design?

Details: http://pages.fourseasons.com/meetings-and-events-design-trends-emea.html?mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiWmpRMU9EQTBNVEUxWkdFeiIsInQiOiIwQnZ6b2gwOHlqRDVJNHZtV0xneE1GQmk5QVwvajBwSGphSmV4MjJYbWlYV1BkQnRuajZkTmJ3OWRRcUVyc2NMb1dJQUp6bnVDZ3hHeld6TGQ5WUFOZHdGWjFrdkVJbWlwWUxTeHBaWlZ6UGFDQjYyWnZwcEF1T0Vyb3BHaVo1a3AifQ%3D%3D