As the world continues to urbanise, future generations may encounter wildlife not on the ground but on the walls and roofs. Green walls are ‘on the up’ - a trend being led in London by The Rubens at the Palace Hotel.

The Rubens at the Palace features a 350 sq-mt Living Wall comprising 10,000 herbaceous plants. The Living Wall has been designed to provide waves of blossoming plants throughout the year. It provides a wildlife habitat for birds and butterflies. It helps keep the hotel cooler in summer and warm in winter, so is very environmentally friendly.  Last but not least it improves the air quality and aesthetics in this part of London.

The plant list includes a wide variety of native species and those deemed by the Royal Horticultural Society as attracting insect pollinators – drawing bees, butterflies and birds, which are crucial in light of the decline in the bee population. Buttercups, two varieties of crocus and strawberries will particularly attract butterflies and bees. From spring bulbs to winter geraniums, the plants have been selected with seasonal colour in mind, ranging from blues to pinks, purples, whites and yellows.

The wall was designed by Gary Grant of the Green Roof Consultancy Ltd. It was installed and is maintained by TreeBox Ltd.