Housekeeping faces a meltdown when the boiler breaks, while the sous-chef shares some radical ideas to transform the traditional silver services. These dramas form the opening scenes of a four part Channel 5 documentary recording an  'insightful behind-the-scenes look at day-to-day life' inside the Midland Hotel in central Manchester.

Granted full access by the Midland Hotel, this series from Channel 5 entitled 'Inside Manchester’s Midland Hotel: Keeping Up Appearances' follows the operation of the hotel through the men and women who work there.

‘Many have been there for years and some are following in previous generations’ footsteps. From the visible front-of-house staff, receptionists and waiters to those who work predominantly behind the scenes such as the chefs, laundry girls, maintenance teams, kitchen staff and maids, the staff have seen things that would make many of us blush. Fortunately, the walls of the Midland cannot talk…' claim Channel 5.

The weekly series starts Monday 1st June at 9.00pm.