The Merchant Hotel in Belfast is about to launch Ireland’s first dedicated ‘luxury’ water menu. The menu includes an exclusive collection of 13 bottled waters handpicked from countries including Fiji, Canada, Italy, Iceland, Finland and the Faroe Islands.

Each bottle comes with a full description of the water and its mineral content as a guide for guests. Many of the waters on offer are rarely found in the UK.

Whilst the menu at The Merchant Hotel features waters from the depths of a Fijian rainforest to the Georgian mountains, its most expensive offering, at £26.45 for a 750-ml bottle, is harvested from the icebergs floating off the coast of Newfoundland.

The Merchant Hotel has also appointed two new ‘water butlers’ to help guests to choose the water that is right for their palate, explaining the unique benefits, tastes and attributes of the different brands. If guest don’t want to splash out on luxury water, the hotel is still offering a glass of ‘Belfast water’, free of charge.

The five-start Merchant Hotel is situated in the heart of Belfast city centre’s historic Cathedral Quarter - a short distance from the Ulster Museum, the Titanic Quarter and The Waterfront Hall.