Aurora Station will be the world's first luxury space hotel when it is launched in 2021.

Aurora Station will be in orbit 200 miles above the Earth which should guarantee some spectacular views from the lounge. 

A stay on the Aurora Station will last for 12-day.

Experiences will include living with zero gravity, watching the aurora borealis and growing food in space. Weightlessness will be part of the experience.

The luxurious accommodation will include a private suite for two with windows.

The Aurora Station will accommodate paying guests and two crew members who will most likely be former astronauts. Guests are expected to include private space tourists and government space agencies.

The Aurora Station is currently under construction in Houston, Texas. It will be about the size of a large private jet’s cabin – 43.5ft x 14.1ft wide. Launch details await publication.

Start saving - the cost of the 12-day journey will be around US$9.5 million with a fully refundable US$80,000 deposit for trips starting in 2022. Pack light - resort wear will be restricted to a surf-blue spacesuit.