Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts have unveiled their ‘next generation’ guest room designed specifically for the modern business traveller.
The group’s research team has identified three key features which they believe every hotel must address to meet the basic requirements of the modern business traveller.
1.    Provide a peaceful environment where the guest can be productive, without necessarily feeling they are at work.  
2.    Provide an ‘office’ wherever the guest wants it to be – as long as there is connectivity.
3.    All modern business travellers need to be able to recharge and revitalise.

With this working specification in mind Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts have developed a design which they believe challenges the traditional norms of business space in hotel guest rooms. The new rooms feature three key areas:  a cocooned bed, a flexible ‘nook’ and a streamlined workspace.

Guest room designs, particularly the placement of the bed, have remained virtually unchanged for the last 60 years. The new Crowne Plaza guest room introduces an angled bed design which together with a curved headboard and insulated wall panels on each side of the room, reduces noise levels and thus induces a better night sleep.

A ‘nook’ area offers space to hold informal meetings and also doubles as an area to socialise and relax away from the traditional workspace.
Thirdly, a dedicated, multi-purpose workspace offers a clutter free surface with adjustable lighting – making it suitable for work and for guest ‘vanity requirements’.

The new guest rooms have been extensively tested and will launch in the Americas region in 2015 at the Crowne Plaza Atlanta Midtown with a global rollout to follow.